WYDE Voice Geo-dispersed Conferencing

WYDE Voice conference bridges can be deployed to allow “Geo-Dispersed conferencing”, allowing several bridges to be deployed in different regions or countries yet acting as one large conference bridge. This means that calls are being made to separate bridges located in various regions, but these calls are connected to the same conference.

You may need to use geo-dispersed conferences if your users are geographically located remotely from each other in different regions or countries and you would like to optimize calls traffic and costs. For example you could have local bridges for users and the users will be able to call to these regional datacenters, but their calls could be joined into geo-dispersed conferences. Using this approach the various regions could be easily and efficiently connected together with the optimal cost of the calls.

Additionally you may use geo-dispersed conferences connecting several bridges if you need to perform large conference (for instance for several tens of thousands of calls) and the facilities of your single bridges do not allow you to have all these calls on any of them. With this method you can split your call traffic between different datacenters, but all these calls could be connected to the same conference.

  • Bridges communicate to each other to build a bigger virtual bridge
  • Users can call either bridge and be connected into one conference
  • Connection is very efficient – only one SIP/RTP channel required per conference to join two bridges
  • System is resilient to network problems between the bridges
  • All group operations (mute, recording, etc) and UI can be utilized from either bridge
  • Up to 16 bridges can be connected together

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  1. If the conference is taken place on multiple bridges the specific bridge is being selected as your master bridge and all other bridges are subordinate bridges for this conference. If you wish to select the specific bridge as your master bridge (for example, if it has more powerful hardware, or if the bandwidth for it is higher, or if it is in the center of you star topology network, etc.) WYDE conferencing bridges provide flexible mechanism for that.

  2. A user says:

    What happens if connection between sites breaks in the middle of geo disperse conference?

  3. What happens if connection between sites breaks in the middle of geo disperse conference?

    If during the distributed conference the connection is being lost with the master bridge, i.e. if the subordinate bridge RT client loses the master bridge, the existing master bridge is being canceled and new master bridge is being selected again from the remaining bridges.
    If one portion of bridges breaks connections with another portion of bridges, the bridges that can see each other select separate masters, so geo-dispersed conference in this case could be splitted into two separate geo-dispersed conferences.
    If a subordinate bridge loses connection with the master bridge, after that its geo-dispersed conference calls do not participate in the distributed conference, in this case they acts as the local conference calls.

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