Billing Integration

For billing purposes the Wyde bridge software can store, process and transmit CDRs (Call Detail Records). More formally, in terms of Wyde bridge software, “billing” is the information about completed conferences and calls. Please note, that the Wyde bridge software is not responsible for financial billing; it neither tracks credit cards nor sends invoices to the clients. It only provides CDR data and it is up to you how to use them in your financial billing. To do so you could either use standard billing adapters provided with the Wyde bridge software or write you own billing adapters.

Wyde bridge billing is formed from CDR information produced by Billing Adapters and Billing Rules. The Billing Adapter is the component (function) responsible for storing billing, i.e. CDR information; it receives this completed calls information, transforms it into required format and stores it in required data carrier. The Billing Rule is the set of billing adapters that are being used to store CDR information by specific conferences; billing rules determines the specific billing adapters that are used to save CDR information.

Billing Integration of completed conferences and calls information can be made in one of the following ways:

  • Wyde bridge software provides standard billing adapter that saves CDR information into local SQL database; for instance once a day you can retrieve data from this database and transfer them to your data carrier.
  • Wyde bridge software provides standard billing adapter that saves CDR information into local comma-separated (CSV) file; for example once a day such file can be transferred to your FTP and you can import these data into your local system.
  • A custom billing adapter can be written to store CDR information in your own database on the fly in the real-time mode; in this case this adapter will be responsible for saving CDR data as it is required for your organization.

For detail information about standard and custom billing adapters and rules, CDR
format, billing integration process as well as samples of billing adapters see
Wyde Voice Product Documentation “Wyde Billing Guide” at

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