Internal Reporting

The WYDE Voice conference bridge provides comprehensive management reports that allow Administrators to track conferences taking place on the bridge, view DNIS and port utilization statistics, and troubleshoot disconnects and other problems during calls. All of the above reports are available through both the bridge web administration interface and the flash operator console. The reports include the following:

1. Calls report
ü gives administrators the ability to view individual call detail reports (CDRs) and document all inbound and outbound calls processed by the system during a specified date range

2. Conference Report
ü allows an administrator to view a list of conferences which have taken place during a specified date range, access previously recorded conferences, and generate GANTT charts to show which participants talked during the conference and when

3. DNIS report
ü provides usages statistics on each DNIS, including number of calls processed both inbound and outbound

4. Disconnect report
ü provides details on disconnects, date, time, and reason—a very useful tool for troubleshooting

5. Load charts
ü shows actual port utilization over a specified time period

In addition to the above reports, you can design your own custom reports using the web services API.

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